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Best Jamaican Restaurant in Baton Rouge

If you know anything about food, you know that Jamaican cuisine is as unique as the island it hails from, with a range of unique flavours that always deliver a delicious and tasty meal. Whether you love Jamaican food already or you’re looking to try some for the first time, Caribblend Products is perfect for you. Our Baton Rouge location offers a wide range of classic Jamaican dishes and drinks that will surely leave you completely satisfied and wanting more. Book a reservation today by calling +12258032488.

The best food around. Nothing less.

We pride ourselves in providing the best Jamaican food in the area, and we serve nothing less. Our outstanding staff are ready to serve you the food of your dreams, and our expert waiting staff make sure that everyone leaves the restaurant completely satisfied. You won’t find a better team, or better Jamaican food, anywhere in the area.


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Jerk Chicken

Jerk Chicken Sandwich


Fish & Jerk Sauce


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